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Reach your true goals clearer and faster

Every top manager, every executive “on the go” and every entrepreneur wants it: to set clear goals and achieve them faster … But very few succeed. In our multi-option society, most people don’t even know the answer to the initial questions they have to ask: What exactly are my goals? What am I prepared to do to achieve them? More importantly, what am I giving up, deliberately leaving it out?

If you want the following: first know exactly what you’re striving for; then define your goals; and finally get there quickly and safely. Then let us talk about whether my process is also the best one for you. In coaching, I will work with you to ensure that you succeed. Then you, too, are future-ready – ready for your best future. In your job as well as in your private life.

On your way there you will not only get to know yourself better, but above all you will get your personal, distinct face in the crowd. You will be perceived consciously. You know exactly what you stand for (your purpose). You will be selected  and promoted and make a planned career. And you have the basis for a fulfilled private life. Above all, you always know and feel exactly why you are doing what you are doing (and what you are deliberately leaving out). And you have the tools to have the success that this great word means to you alone; financially (in your wallet) as well as ideally (in your heart).

As a business coach, I work with executives and top management personalities as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers from companies, institutions, politics and science. They want to know what they’re doing professionally and what’s going to happen in their private life. On the way to a life in which they are the best version of themselves and that truly fulfills them. Then they have the success they really want – and their life makes what everyone wants: sense.

In Personal Branding Coaching we work with the acknowledged techniques of branding. Exactly these have already ensured that you have your absolute favourite companies and your favourite products. In your eyes, they have a face in the crowd, stand out clearly from all the others. That’s exactly what you, yourself, want!

As your coach, I say: You, yourself, can and must be a profiled, attractive brand personality these days – the strong Personal Brand! That’s why we ensure that you are unique and sought after – by those with whom you want to be. We apply brand these building techniques to you. In this way, you become a brand personality with a comparably strong profile as those who inspire you, whom you trust absolutely and whom you consciously select again and again.

With me you have

  • a coach who challenges and encourages you personally at eye level (the cuddle zone is somewhere else!)
  • a coach who works with you individually as much as necessary and not as much as possible (a coach also has the task of making himself as soon as thoughtfully possible redundant!)
  • a coach who depending on the task challenges and supports you selectively or rather accompanies you all the way to your goals. (Sometimes, the valuable impulse suffices, sometimes it is the longer-term cooperation).

Not all coaching is the same: Find out what coach Jon Christoph Berndt and Personal Branding Coaching can do for you. The preliminary talk is free of charge.

Coaching is not consulting. In coaching, it is important that you first recognize, sharpen and set your true goals; then choose the best ways to achieve them; and finally take them as courageously as consistently. To make this happen, I will support you as your coach.

Personal Branding coaching opens up completely new perspectives, at work and in private. Most importantly, you know exactly what you are doing “it“ for and what you are doing to ensure that it is always clear, for you, yourself, as well as for the others.

As your coach, I develop together with you these modules:

  • your clearly formulated Personal Brand. It bears your ultimate contribution to society at its core
  • your strong guiding idea. It is the basis for your self-marketing
  • your signature stories. They touch and inspire others
  • your long-term concrete implementation and marketing plan. With it, you approach each topic consistently.

If it applies to you and is necessary, I can also offer you

  • my ongoing companionship. It ensures answers to the questions you may have during the implementation process
  • my “Grail Guardianship“. It ensures that your Personal Brand can always be experienced consistently and stringently.

Important: Your coaching considers you as a whole (provided that you have not only a professional life, but also a private one …). I am sometimes asked by a client whether it would also possible to develop two Personal Brands – one for work and one for private life. It would, but it doesn’t make sense. Because one of the two then is inevitably fake.

My competence is based on the profound training in systemic coaching and regular further training, the experience from practice with about 150 clients in the past 15 years and my Personal Branding coaching method, which has been tested many times in practice.

Business coaching is a sensitive field that requires the full attention for every single client. Everyone is unique and has unique challenges and questions; you, too, personally. That’s why I work with no more than ten clients a year.

There are many coaching formats and possibilities. I offer only one method: Personal Branding Coaching. It’s all my know-how as a coach from 25 years of brand, identity and personality work. It consists of these modules:*

1. Your Personal Brand
Together, we develop your brand personality (in text and pictures). This includes above all
– your vision and mission
– your USP and your purpose (your contribution to society)
– your brand core and brand values.

–> Your brand is the basis for everything you do in the future.

2. Your Guiding Idea
We develop the “glue” between your brand and your marketing. The central idea is striking and makes your Personal Brand catchy, unmistakable and experienceable: What is the purple cow at Milka or Mr. Clean at bathroom cleaners with you? I discuss the proposals with you and work out the strongest guiding idea ready for use.

–> You will become unmistakable in the foreseeable future.

3. Your Stories
We wrap your rational, informative messages into emotional, inspiring stories. For this purpose, I work out suggestions and discuss them with you. The strongest stories, which communicate your messages clearly and make you particularly desirable, I work out ready to use.

–> You are perceived with all the senses and are therefore particularly attractive.

4. Your Marketing Plan
Your brand is only as strong as you consistently make it tangible – continuously, across all channels, online and offline, with your strong messages. Together with you, I determine which channels these are and with which frequency, which message and which target they are played in which way.

–> You receive a very concrete plan with responsibilities, to do’s and deadlines; if necessary, also for your service providers – for text and artwork, photography and website, SEO and social media, etc.

5. Your Marketing
We choose the service providers – for text and artwork, photography and website, SEO and social media, etc. Therefore, I also use my network. I will brief them together with you. If you wish, I manage them and make sure that all services “pay into your brand”. In addition, I am your sparring partner wherever a second opinion is needed.

–> You can be sure that everything that makes your Personal Brand experienceable is from a single mould and brings you forward.

6. Your “Guardian Of The Grail”
From time to time, e.g. every 3 or 6 months, we check together whether your Personal Brand continues to be unique, selective and trend-setting; in addition, whether all marketing measures contribute 100 percent to it. We do this in person or by telephone / via Skype.

–> You are sure that with your Personal Brand and your marketing you are ready for the planned future – and will remain so.

*Each module is individually assignable


Dr. Bruno Weidl

CEO, Weidl & Company

“As a coach, Mr Berndt is a sparring partner at eye level. He poses the right questions, goes into it and shows new perspectives – and thus creates clarity, focus and energy. With him, I have significantly improved my positioning, sustainable and tangible for me and my environment.”

Paul Johannes Baumgartner

Keynote Speaker and Anchorman, Antenne Bayern Radio Station

“I have worked with Jon Christoph Berndt to develop my brand core: ‘enthusiasm’. Everything I do is rigorously designed to inspire people. On stage as well as in the broadcast studio of Germany’s most successful private radio station. Thank you, JCB!”

Harald R. Fortmann

Executive Partner, Five14

“I worked out my human brand with him. The clear focus brought me decisively to my goals – both in terms of my partnership with the HR service provider Five14 and my activities in the German Digital Economy Association (BVDW). He saved me a few extra rounds.”

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