The Optimal Topic For Your Event

Your keynote by Jon Christoph Berndt comes from the world of profiling and branding, marketing and visibility, change and readiness for the future. He contributes significantly to the fact that your employees understand just as much as your customers,

  • why your company, your association, your institution is on the market and what it stand for
  • what makes it unique and what others would miss if it didn’t exist
  • what also distinguishes your brand in the future and makes it successful.

Topics of Jon Christoph Berndt

Keynote Topic “Bestseller You / Personal Branding“:

For Enthusiastic and Inspiring People

The strongest brand is the human being. Without him, the most beautiful headquarters and the greatest shop is boring and dead. This is just as true for employees as it is for the self-employed. Personal Branding finally turns “the staff” and “the human capital” back into those who need everyone nowadays: really strong cutting-edge personalities – personal brands with their exquisite marketing!

  • ambassadors

  • Emotion

  • Leadership

  • co-entrepreneurs

  • stories

Watch the video: 2 minutes about “Bestseller You”

Keynote Topic “#todayfortomorrow”:

For Leadership in Transformation – Makes Future-ready

Strange development: In recent years, everyone has been talking about “digital”, “disruption”, “transformation” … This is right in line with the trend! But very few people are serious about it. Most of the time, the basis for all this is missing – the Purpose of the company, as an essential part of the brand. Only those who know what they are fighting for really tackle change. Then they make their contribution to making the company really fit for the future.

  • Vision

  • Future-Ready

  • Purpose

  • Change

  • Plannability

Watch the video: 2 minutes about “#todayfortomorrow”

Keynote Topic “Success Factor Attention”:

For Lively New Work and More Profit for All

In the age of social media, everyone wants to be noticed. But hardly anyone listens to their employees and customers anymore, although this is the prerequisite for being an irresistible brand: Those who first pay attention and then get it have the strongest currency in the world at their disposal. And those who use it profitably for everyone are finally doing meaningful state-of-the-art marketing.

  • Heed

  • Profile

  • Listening

  • Sense


Watch the video: 2 minutes about “Success Factor Attention”

Keynote Topic “Rockstar Selling”:

For Vigorous Selling, Without Roar and Discount

Everyone wants to sell more easily, give less discount and make more turnover and profit. The irresistible appeal of the company as well as that of the employees is the best way to achieve this. It makes business easier and turns customers into fans who like to recommend what they love. Therefore, true fans are much more important than all the “influencers” (that comes long before the many videos in social media, SEO for Google and the organic reach in online marketing).



  • FANS

  • EASY


Watch the video: 2 minutes about “Rockstar Selling”

Keynote speeches by Jon Christoph Berndt have the strong content and are timeless in trend. They are as contemporary as they are trend-setting. What he says and how he delivers “it” affects everyone: “He means me! Sure, who else?

The speech for your event bears the title that is as unique as your organization. And it has the content that only the speech for you has. (It can just as well be a workshop.)

The topic should be as sensitive as the focus of your event. Not only does it have to fit perfectly, but it should also have interfaces to your other agenda items. Above all, it should be as specific as possible and, at the same time, as broad as necessary in order to pick up all your guests and inspire them equally in your sense.

The really interesting topic is only exactly in trend with you if it is derived from the situation of the company and the current questions:

  • Where do we stand operationally – in the market, as a brand, in marketing?
  • What challenges do we have with our situation and our strategy? For example, a pronounced me-too problem (we don’t have anything that others don’t), no clear target group, no recognisable “what for” and thus no clear justification for existence at first glance, insecure marketers and inadequate reaction to marketing trends, small margins due to high discounts …
  • What challenges do we have with our employees? For example, the weak employer brand, many company residents and few designers, high sickness rate, low identification with the job and the company, increased inner dismissal and high fluctuation, resistance to new ideas and change …
  • What challenges do our marketers have with our customers? For example, little brand management and brand value, no profiled brand and no clear face in the crowd, little planning, no selective USP, difficult advantage argumentation in marketing, low loyalty, low fan rate …
  • How do we ensure that we continue to be in demand as a brand in the future and are powerful on the market?

Many customers want something about social media or customer journey, brand marketing or content marketing, machine learning or corporate brand … With technology and many hits on Google. Something from this selection always fits somehow (or is made to fit). Above all, however, it creates even more question marks in the minds of the target group – where there is already a feeling of over-information and a lot of confusion about what is really relevant.

A topic is relevant when it hits the nerve of time and captivates the audience. It is not enough simply to jump on a seemingly always somehow fitting, often very short-lived trend.

The right topic of my presentation for you is the content, which deals with the central question in a conclusive, provocative and useful way. It has a seamless introduction (the content links to the personality, the situation and the challenges of the company) and an equally seamless transition into the next day and beyond (the content continues in the thinking and acting of the participants, your colleagues and customers and all the other opinion leaders). It triggers fruitful discussion among the participants, lingers on for a long time and brings about change.

The individually fitting lecture does not come “from the air”, but the content is integrated into what you think and feel when you think of your company. It builds on this and develops the familiar further – in the desired direction, which systematically brings more substance, strength and relevance. Thus the lecture creates it to energize your participants to re-think and above all to the reorientation and to animate them to (re-)act. All the “lateral thinkers” (who still likes to hear the word?) become those who make something out of it: They get things moving, act laterally and set signs! Also by doing consistent content marketing that pays off on their brand.

There’s so damn much going on everywhere, and there’s still more! In former times everybody wanted everything – today everybody already has everything. That’s why the marketers of many companies are just yelling at each other, celebrating their new marketing trends and doing suicide marketing with all the information: “Click here!”, “Deal of the year!”, “Buy 3, pay 2!”. Not only digitally and in social media, but everywhere in advertising. All that’s missing is “100% discount on everything! How can you still get the attention to sell? And that without all the discount madness.

Few people, even among the marketing managers who are particularly affected and those in the field of brand marketing, think this way. Rather one speaks of artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality, Influencer marketing, digital marketing … In the communication we have to think about the old virtues! They are also megamodern, and everyone can really do something with them. Right at the forefront: true respectful listening. Anyone who does that again will pay attention – and be ahead in the future. Who listens first and gives attention, gets it then also. It becomes a coveted brand. This is one of the keys to brand management, brand marketing and marketing communications.

You and your participants can get planned attention for your brands. To do this, they should first clarify what they are doing what they are doing: What would be missing in society if they, their brand and their products did not exist? If this is clarified and the company gives itself an angular profile on this basis, it already brings visibility. Those who listen to their customers now and pay them true attention (and brand marketing consistently focuses on this) will get it. He has the attraction – and sells, at a good price. So those who give and receive attention have the hardest currency in the world; the true value, fully in line with the trend, much harder than Euro, Dollar and Bitcoin. Contemporary attention comes first, and then comes artificial intelligence, augmented reality, influencer marketing and digital marketing. Not the other way around.

Everyone wants to be noticed, make a career, earn well, live a fulfilled life. Why is one so visible? You know exactly what he stands for and what he is able do. And the other always struggles and somehow doesn’t get his leg on the ground. No one really notices him. That’s what it’s all about: being perceived, selected, promoted. And that without it always being so exhausting. And about living a fulfilled life.

The most important thing in everything: the real people (all that virtual reality and the robot hype back and forth). Without the people who know what they live for, the best headquarters and the most beautiful shop is just steel and glass and concrete. So dead. Everyone should be able to use his options! Then he truly lives and is not being lived. Living companies need such employees.

Companies whose management thinks and acts in this way enable their employee – no matter if intern, trainee or manager – to become the best version of himself. He then is no longer a number in the personnel department, but a distinctive personality: a strong personal brand. Who is like that knows exactly what he lives for; and what he does with his very own brand marketing to make this come true. Especially on the job. Then he has just as much to gain from it as his company does: he feels sense in his job and makes his contribution to value on the way to more turnover and profit; in sales as well as in any other position. And he stays longer with the company. This is also quite important where it is becoming more and more difficult to find and retain good people.

Whoever is like that is a strong brand and a bestseller in every respect! And freelancers – doctors, lawyers, craftsmen … – should be powerful personal brands, too, in order to be able to assert themselves on the market in the future with their effective brand marketing.

Even those who are super successful and trendy for a long time have not leased the success. The long time so strong brand Nokia has rested too much on it. The marketers of the international toy chain Toys “R” completely underestimated the Internet and were far too little mobile for too long. Now it’s broke. And the video rental company Blockbuster in the USA overslept the trend par excellence and with 9,000 stores lent DVDs and video cassettes until the bitter end, when most customers have been streaming digitally for a long time …

The cause in many cases is the “It’s still enough in for me if everything stays that way” attitude of many managers and decision-makers. But they have to make sure that it will be enough in for everyone – and that’s tomorrow! However, many CEOs resign themselves to development – everything becomes faster and faster and more and more unpredictable! – and prefer to steer the company by sight. That’s human, but entrepreneurial suicide. And it goes wrong in the fog of “Disruption”. But, that has always been there! It was just called differently and wasn’t such a buzzword with little content, behind which you can hide so well.

First of all, nobody is waiting for you. People should be missing something essential if you company didn’t exist! I tell you and your participants what it takes:

  • How they find out what their customers really want today and especially tomorrow
  • How they inspire them and turn them into admirers who want more and come back again and again
  • How you can plan your success.

Then each of them also has the choice: a) “It’s still enough in for me” or b) “Let’s get started now!“ Whoever really gets started is future-ready.

Most companies still sell with that faster, higher, further mentality in and without any brand strategy and content marketing: “With our system, you can produce faster!“ “You can even stack higher!“ “You can go full steam ahead! Then they wonder if they are completely interchangeable with all these performance values. Then, selling is really selling – tough, exhausting, mady by discounts. There is no pull effect, no “I want that!“ on the other side. But there‘s a war going on out there! And whoever is like that loses the battle for the customer.

First and foremost, it’s not about what a product can do: the technology, the top performance, the seals of quality … The target group simply assumes that it meets its requirements. Rationally, for the brain, everything is definitely in order. But the heart often gets far too little and suffers from a big lack of emotion. Buyers and strategists also have feelings! And B-to-B works just like B-to-C, in every industry, face-to-face as well as in advertising, analog as well as digital. There are no differences. Everyone who wants to buy something has the right to be taken by storm! Therefore, marketers have to rethink – and react!

How do you and your participants sell without selling – irresistibly, lustfully, discount-free? It works, with the right strategy and the profiled brand. And with the right content marketing. That consists of strong stories that awaken the child in us. They inspire and touch us playfully. Everyone wants to be touched, especially at work and online, for the best user experience.

When managers and sales people know, want and are able to, they quickly become the true “influencers” (without having to use this buzzword):

  • They know: what the company is for and what it stands for
  • They want: to burn for what they do
  • They are able: to tell their most touching stories which press the customer’s buy button.

This is how brand management, content marketing and online marketing get their true quality. It ensures that selling is fun again; that marketing managers know where marketing and communication must head for; and that the figures in controlling are correct.

Frank Gotthardt

Chairman of the Board, CompuGroup Medical

“It’s great when a speaker makes our topic his own and gives everyone the feeling that he knows their industry like they do. This in English. That’s how it was at our International Meeting – and very funny when I think of the life jacket and the fire extinguisher … Thank you!“

Patric Raeschke

Consultant Trade & City Marketing, Chamber of Commerce IHK Koblenz

“Every audience needs the coherent message that takes all listeners with it: Jon Christoph Berndt knows how to touch the participants with the right feeling and makes them feel affected. Thanks to him, our trade industry forum was a complete success.”

Dr. Stefan Stegemann

Managing Director, Sonepar Germany

“Our best field representatives are members of the Sonepar Professional Club. Here, Jon Christoph Berndt scored with the impulse workshop Personal Branding – content-loaded, interactive, humorous and sustainably effective. That’s what the participants say in unison. Gladly again!“


Which keynote topics are you interested in? Please write to me briefly. I will then get in touch with you and we will talk about how I will move you and your participants.

Jon Christoph Berndt

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