Keynote speeches are getting shorter and shorter on average. Whereas a few years ago 90 minutes were the rule, today it is more and more often only 60 or even 30 minutes. Quite sporty, if nevertheless substantial what should come over and remain stuck.

For that reason, the impulse workshop sometimes is the better alternative. Then, your participants will really take something with them from your event, and you will be remembered more strongly. And for me as a speaker there is a good chance to respond better to you and your goals on the one hand and to my audience on the other. And all this with full attention to everything that distinguishes the classic keynote speech. (That’s why I call it a “Keynote Workshop”.)

The Keynote Workshop with Jon Christoph Berndt

  • lasts longer than a lecture: lasts between 1.5 and 4 hours, depending on the challenge and briefing
  • is suitable for about 10 to 120 participants: makes an immediate contribution to the personal development of each individual
  • is highly interactive: activates to the back row and turns listeners into participants who learn in a playful way
  • anchors knowledge equally and sustainably: ensures that all participants (from management to applicants) take individual, immediately implementable learning with them – and implement it
  • ears the traits of the keynote speech: is entertaining, humorous and impactful.

The combination is also particularly in demand: first the lecture for everyone, then the workshop for a few (especially if you go to the inclination and working groups in the afternoon or the next day).


Workshop „Bestseller You“:

Selling (yourself) Better With Personal Branding

How people become the strongest brands and how their branding makes it easier for them to get where they really want to go


  • emotion

  • Leadership

  • co-entrepreneurs

  • stories

Watch the video: 2 minutes about “Bestseller You”

Workshop „#todayfortomorrow“:

How Customers Become Fans – And Companies Fit For Future

How the company will become future-ready – with the power of its strongest brand and the marketing that gives it a distinguished face in the crowd and turns its customers into fans

  • Vision


  • Purpose


  • plannability

Watch the video: 2 minutes about “#todayfortomorrow”

Workshop „Success Factor Attention“:

How To Get The Attention You Deserve In The Digital Age

How secure their share of the strongest currency in the world

  • heed

  • profile

  • listening

  • sense

  • eye level

Watch the video: 2 minutes about “Success Factor Attention”

Workshop „Rockstar Selling“:

Turn Your Brand Into an Experience and Your Customers Into Fans!

How sellers sell without selling – with the impressive purpose of the company they live and make experienceable

  • enthusiastic

  • attraction

  • fans

  • easy

  • profit

Watch the video: 2 minutes about “Rockstar Selling”

No successful keynote workshop, no impulse seminar without well-founded consulting: On the basis of my special fields, I develop your topic, your title and your contents as an expert with many years of experience with you. No one is like the other – because your company and your goals are like no other.

The excellent workshop, the best seminar is much more than just the term: It activates each individual. It gets him out of the comfort zone of the listener. It makes him think and, above all, act sideways. And it manages that at least 3 takeaways make his professional activities easier, friendlier and more successful. Learning by playing!

In detail: The good workshop, the good seminar

  • ties in with the well-known in the company and relies on it
  • focuses on the most important players: first the employee (with the focus on his personality development), then the customer (with the focus on what he really wants and needs)
  • has a clear question instead of many general topics. For example, “How do we achieve more attention in social media with the use of our brand personality?”; “Success factor employee: the Personal Brand for effective personality development and more success in sales”; “Our vision: What do we work for and what makes us future-ready?“
  • is not training: it sets strong impulses and creates the interfaces to subsequent further training, e.g. more in-depth training and coaching
  • unites the participants in the sense that all recognize themselves as individually picked up and in demand
  • enables them to play a decisive role as a manager
  • defends the success attributes of the keynote speech: provocative, rousing, humorous
  • goes new ways with the switching of knowledge: away from the one-way communication with flipchart, small cards and marker pens to the holistic hearing and being heard
  • makes personality development a method that one misses when it is not offered again and again
  • proves that sustainable education and learning are fun
  • records the central thoughts for the follow-up information of all parties involved
  • has open interfaces for further training and coaching.

Away from your very own topic and the specific question, a workshop should always

  • convey the brand, i.e. the personality of the company and ensure that everyone knows the goals
  • apply contemporary marketing tools, with which each goal can be achieved more easily and better, both personally and together in a team
  • provide excellent content, which motivates the participants and lures them out of the comfort zone
  • offer as much as possible to everyone which contributes to their strong personality and personal development
  • personally sensitize the participant to the fact that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is just as important for success as IQ
  • support his branding, i.e. sharpen his Personal Brand and give him the tools for marketing, which benefits the company as much as himself
  • use the opportunity to package knowledge and information attractively and convey it in a playful way
  • make sure that each participant personally remembers at least 3 actions to take
  • encourage him to take them immediately
  • advance him professionally as well as privately.

I give impulse workshops in companies that rely on their plannable success with the power of continuing education through personality development and self-management. They understand that it is always the people who advise other people and buy from them. They come first, then products and services, then success. This way round, with this strategy we together succeed in what most people only talk about: New Work. Especially in the business-to-business environment.

I hold keynote workshops and seminars – instead of a keynote speech or afterwards – e.g. for the employees of

  • Gevas: The financial services provider is well aware of the decisive success factor in the field of life insurance, financial services and property financing. It is the personality of the distinguished freelancer, as an expert with all his experience under the roof of the Gevas brand. Here, the Personal Branding training in the group of the best of the best sensitizes to the increasing importance of personality development, especially because financial products are becoming more complex and more interchangeable. This requires the strongest brand of every manager.
  • ASW Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg: Everyone wants security, but hardly anyone wants to pay for it properly. At the annual conference of the association, the storytelling impulse workshop sensitizes people to the fact that facts only inform (boring!) and strong stories increase hourly rates (inspiring!). It is not about crime stories, but about stories from real life for real life, which come from the heart and go to the heart. And to put them into practice in everyday life.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: Eliquis is a new medicine. It belongs to the group of anticoagulants and prevents blood coagulation. The client knows that the more convincingly its benefits are communicated, the better it will be accepted by doctors, pharmacists and users. The impulse training courses at the central market launch event focus on how people convince first – so that the product can then convince.
  • Juzo: The company is a rapidly growing player in the field of medical compression therapy garments – more and more employees, products, partners and markets. The international sales conference is intended to unite and strengthen – as corporate and joint as necessary, as individual as possible, also with regard to further brand development. In addition to the “Future-ready!“ keynote speech, cross-departmental and cross-market workshops with 140 participants ensure that everyone is sensitized, listened to and recognized: Where do we stand? What gives us strength? What will we implement together? How do we support each other in this?
  • Feldhoff & Cie.: The PR market leader in the German real estate industry wants to noticeably increase the proportion of women in management positions. As part of the annual “Rocket Circle”, to which men have no access, the Personal Branding workshop contributes to the personal development of the participants. They become aware of their own strengths, discuss the importance of social competence and lay the foundations for their own Personal Brand and content strategy. This applies both professionally and privately, in daily work as well as on the web; also with a focus on social media marketing and Google relevance. For her clear recommendation as a manager and the best further career. In some cases, further support is provided in the form of subsequent coaching.

All participants of Jon Christoph Berndt especially recognize how important Personal Branding and self-marketing are again and again. They get the professional know-how and creative tips on how to do it particularly well. In this way they make better progress – also in the employer’s interest.

Eveline Engeli

Projectmanager Events, SIX Swiss Exchange

“Our employees liked the presentation very much. We haven’t had so much laughter in a long time, and your exciting way of speaking fascinated everyone. A highlight of wit, humour, wisdom and depth. Thank you very much once again for your commitment.”

Stefan Mercier

Managing Director, Horbach Wirtschaftsberatung

“Jon Christoph Berndt radiates his messages and is a very motivating enthusiastic. One feels that he is an absolute expert in his profession – but even better is his authenticity, which convinced us once more during the best-of-the-best meeting on Mallorca.“

Dominik Dussling

Manager Marketing, Star Cooperation

“Brands are platforms and memories for experiences. That was the key message of the keynote speech and the whole lively and entertaining presentation by Mr. Berndt and Prof. Henkel: a great experience and the culmination of our Expert Day ‘Digitalize Like a Pro’. With pleasure again, with pleasure more!”


  • Navigator in the transformation
  • Leading specialist in profiling, getting attention and sales success
  • Moves you forward


Which workshop topics are you interested in? Please write to me briefly. I will then get in touch with you and we will talk about how I will move you and your participants.

Jon Christoph Berndt

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