Whoever takes all the buzzwords (“change”, “disruptive”, “digital”, “industry 4.0″ …) seriously, doesn’t talk so much about it, but makes something out of it. What these words are supposed to express has always existed. It just meant differently: “change”, “transformation”, “development” … (Even the “digital transformation” is 20 years old!) And one didn’t hide behind it so much, but tackled it more. With all employees, all the way to where the company is actually ready for its best future. I call this state “being future-ready”. Only when the company is that way is it really “a brand”. Everyone wants to be a brand, but very few succeed. And the ® behind the logo alone doesn’t mean anything …

I’ll work with you to make this happen. Whoever makes it and is a brand is highly desirable. With employees and customers alike. In order for this to succeed, the right training with the right people at the right time is needed, in addition to other brand-building factors, as an essential component of marketing. The optimal training achieves the following:

  • People: In the first step, it provides for the convinced and convincing employees. They are then designers, real personal brands and not residents, with convincing self-marketing.
  • Stories: In the second step, the Personal Brands inspire with their touching stories. With this effective form of self-marketing, they immediately go into the heart and only then into the head.
  • Benefit: In the third step, the comprehensible benefit is clearly noticeable at all contact points. Customers then press the buy button even more convinced.

In training and supplementary coaching I work with people at all career levels. My goal: They experience at eye level how they have to do less to achieve more. Especially through effective self-marketing, for the success of the company as well as for their personal success. Particularly important: This “more” affects sales and income just as much as meaningful action and thus fulfilment. This is how people mature into personalities. They become the best version of themselves, with self-confident self-marketing that is powerful – and selling easily. Not only do they themselves benefit from this, but everyone, including colleagues and customers. And their employer as well …

Prospective companies that are future-ready invest right here. They make sure that all the buzzwords have substance and content. This makes it easier to attract, motivate and retain good personnel for their cause (“War for Talents” and “Employer Branding”, two more buzzwords …). Over time, they will no longer have personnel or employees, but co-entrepreneurs. And they make planned sales and profits – in a sustainable, good way. This is how they are, and remain, successful.

Effective training and coaching is individually tailored to the company, its situation and its challenges. Everyone learns from each other. And it’s fun for everyone: Who laughs, learns. Above all, it ensures that employees are finally no longer numbers in the HR department, but the success drivers of the entire organization. Without the employee, who 1. knows (what the company is starting for), 2. wants (is highly motivated) and 3. can (is informed and capable of making a value contribution), all is nothing. If these steps are permanently guaranteed, the successful company has the significant advantage. Then, it is ahead as well when it comes to brand building.

As a trainer and coach, I ensure – together with my co-trainers and coaches – that

  • all employees are fetched where they stand with their personality, their knowledge and their particular strengths. They feel taken seriously and valued when they develop their Personal Branding and do their best marketing
  • they are as constructively affected as they are fit for their work and their professional future: “He means me!” Exactly, who else?
  • they overcome reservations and blockages at work and consciously move from talking to doing. Everyone makes his best contribution to the big picture
  • they understand how important self-marketing is for the formation of their Personal Brand, and start here with the right techniques full of relish
  • the degree of change and the effects are measured again and again. This brings the certainty that the investment will pay off
  • the learnt is constantly refreshed and deepened further. This avoids the “one-hit wonder effect”
  • conventional tools can be optimally interlinked with digital measures. This includes, for example, the tools for social media and the own blog
  • selected high performers have their personal face-to-face coach in me and recommend themselves to promotion
  • every employee is successful in his or her own way.

In order to ensure further practice and thus long-term success, I develop tailor-made self-learning tools – also with partners from my network – which go far beyond the seminar on location. This includes the book with further knowledge and workouts as well as in-depth digital seminars and coaching and messages every week on the intranet. In addition, it is the accompanying information, which reduces reactances, constantly motivates further and after the seminars secures and strengthens the learning effects. This is where further coaching, including coach-the-coach measures, is particularly effective. It leads to professional, contemporary Personal Pranding.

I train and coach in companies where the decision makers know exactly that plugs, e.g., don’t buy plugs, perforated sheets don’t buy perforated sheets and cars don’t buy cars. On the contrary – it’s always people who buy from people; or not. Especially where “business-to-business” takes place and many people still think that feelings and enthusiasm are not welcome there.

I train – where necessary and useful with the support of trainers and coaches from my network – e.g. here:

  • Client Mennekes Elektrotechnik: The innovation leader in the market for industrial plug connections and electric mobility is concerned with the motivation and Personal Branding of the DACH sales team and the trade fair team at the industry’s leading trade fair Light+Building. The employees understand the power of the strong brand and individual self-marketing, especially in the supposedly rational B-to-B market. They learn what it can achieve, especially in the competitive environment and in the sense of emotionalisation and profiling. They live the brand and make it experienceable for all the senses, also with their constructive self-marketing.
  • Client BMW Financial Services: This is where the BMW and MINI brands, with their core brands and brand values, are to be more strongly communicated in financing, leasing and banking. In other words, where it is particularly important and difficult at the same time: on the phone, in e-mails, in letters. The call center agents learn how important it is to give their target group the feeling of being well looked after by the preferred premium manufacturer with all their expertise. This also applies to complaints. And they learn what they can actually do for it, with brand-adequate self-marketing and empathy.
  • Client Arnold Metall: The metal workers with 450 employees focus on internalizing and communicating the new brand positioning developed by Brandamazing. They move away from rational performance and thematize the catchword “Metalligent” instead: Metal experiences are created here that have the “wow” effect on customers and employees. Managers and sales people get to know the brand and experience how passionate self-marketing and individual storytelling can help them to present it to international audiences and how it can make selling easier and more stable.
  • Client Bosch Security and Safety Systems: This is about the ability to compete with self-confidence. “Security” is not a profit center. On the contrary, nothing works without the expertise and range of products offered by this department, not for any customer with whom this division of Bosch operates. Its products and services create the basis for consulting and selling, and for generating sales and profits. Accordingly, the people who create these conditions should be empathetic in their self-marketing activities.
  • Client Sonepar Deutschland: The market leader in B-to-B distribution of electrical products relies on branded products. To achieve this, each of the 3,000 sales & service employees must be what makes brands come alive – a profiled Personal Brand. They all experience how their own favorite brands have become their favorite brands in the first place. And they get to know the mechanisms with which they themselves create this just as actively when working with the brands in Sonepar’s portfolio. To achieve this, they become brand ambassadors with convincing self-marketing in training and coaching.

For the best possible effect in your company, first answers to the following questions first:

  • “What problem do we have?” E.g., it is often difficult to find good employees. Or that the products and services do not stand out sufficiently from those of the competition. They are somehow interchangeable, and there is a lack of profile. This leads to high discounts.
  • “What is our goal?” This includes not only making more sales and profits, but also, e.g., better finding and keeping employees as well as the competitive edge in a world with more and more products.
  • “How courageous are we?” Above all, the answer to the question as to whether employees can, and must, become determined co-entrepreneurs is crucial to success. For this, they must get more than the mere idea of how to score points with excellent knowledge and strong stories. And above all, with their Bersonal Branding and marketing, they can promote themselves as well as the company, which pays off for everyone.
  • “How consistent are we?” Should it just be some quick makeover (“One has to do something!”)? Or should people really be empowered to grow beyond themselves? Surely this can lead to some brain drain as well. (This then also is a good thing.) Above all, however, it leads to the fact that those who work here are involved from the bottom of their hearts. Committed tot he max, they contribute to the success story with what they do and how they do it. To be consistent means to be 100% involved: A little training and coaching, a single workshop or a course doesn’t only achieve nothing, it even has a negative effect.
  • “How persistent are we? Once started, training and further education must be institutionalized in the company. Someone strongly experienced must be fully responsible for this. And: This is a matter for the CEO!

My ideas for your way there, that every person in your company is the best version of himself:

  • Consider the people as your biggest chapter; much bigger than all the chrome and steel and concrete in the headquarters and all the machines and vehicles!
  • Give them the opportunity to know more than you do. This way you can lean forward and watch how they are driving the company forward in a particularly powerful way on this basis!
  • Turn not only the company into a strong brand, but above all the people into strong Personal Brands. They are the ones who sell their products (and not the other way round)!
  • Don’t do off-the-shelf training and coaching. Success stands and falls with the round concept, which is the optimal one for you. And only for you!
  • Name your training efforts as you like. But do it!

Kilian Wichmann

Head of Marketing, Swiss Life Deutschland

“Mr. Berndt made it clear to the Swiss Life Select sales team how important a shared vision is for success. During the subsequent workshops, everyone was able to participate in the process. We found it as convincing as it was activating and are happy to recommend it.”

Anja Hinz

Marketing Entertainment & Young Target Groups, SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

“We use Personal Branding for our up-and-coming talents. Mr. Berndt has thus given us a technique that is as plausible as it is effective and that clarifies many things for everyone: What do I want and what do I do? Above all – what do I not do? Very recommendable!“

Paul Jörg Feldhoff

Managing Partner, Feldhoff & Cie.

“Especially in the real estate industry, personality is an important success factor: Mr. Berndt enriches our ‘Rocket Circle’ Leadership Program for female executives with the seminar Personal Branding. We get the best feedback and continue to rely on him.”


  • Navigator in the transformation
  • Leading specialist in profiling, getting attention and sales success
  • Moves you forward


Are you interested in an individual in-house training? Please write to me briefly. I will then get in touch with you and we will talk about how I can move you and your colleagues.


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