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The good keynote speech is a valuable gift. To be enthusiastically received, it should carefully be selected, packaged and presented. At the same time it is allowed to be everything but – boring.

The top speaker Jon Christoph Berndt speaks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; just like everywhere else in Europe and worldwide, from Kiev to Los Angeles. In German or English. He is the opener or the conclusion of an event. Or the speaker in the “death zone”, right after lunch. Or at dinner, in the boardroom, in the small group by the fireplace … He speaks to managing directors and apprentices as well as to executives and freelancers. And, of course, to your employees. Not only to them, but especially with them – so always interactive. His maxims: 1. To pronounce the truth (“That’s how it is!”), 2. to make people affected (“He means me!”), 3. To incite others (“Now I’m going to start!”). A speech by Jon Christoph Berndt is guaranteed to the point. This in terms of subject matter and content as well as in terms of timing and the intended success. Therefore, Jon Christoph Berndt holds no keynote without detailed preliminary discussion. And certainly not off the peg. (Because you and your event are not as well.)

Let us also discuss

  • whether a keynote workshop is more appropriate (or a combination of both) instead of a speech
  • to what extent training and coaching then reinforce the desired effect and secure it in the long term.

Your business is as individual as mine. Therefore, a professional top presentation from a top speaker must be the same. For this, the keynote speaker must first talk to you. And then – optimally briefed and prepared – to (and with) your participants. It all starts with the communication in advance. First comes the theme that suits you and your event and what you are aiming for: incentive, rousing, getting affected, motivation, lived change, beginning of a new era … The topic is already fixed, or we talk about it and sharpen it. Then comes the title of the keynote, which arouses curiosity and anticipation. Together, we bring it to the point.

Finally, the speech is as professional as it is successful. Here, the keynote speaker Jon Christoph Berndt delivers 100 percent. He has not only the background and the experience, but above all the impressive content, the memorable storytelling – and the pronounced humor: who laughs, learns. With this in mind, I leave the impression it needs to ensure long-term profit for all. It is as enriching for your event in itself as it is valuable for your business. Internally (which concerns your employees as your most valuable asset) as well as externally (as far as your customers, service providers and opinion mediators are concerned), and in addition for the success of each individual which then pays off for you. I make companies and people getting forward faster. And I do my part to make them take the lead.

I have been an expert in my field for more than 20 years:

    • Profiling and branding – for a distinct face in the crowd
    • Turning people into brand personalities – with Personal Branding
    • Getting attention from customers and consumers – especially in the era of digital transformation
    • Selling free from ​​discount – by the attraction of the brand
    • Innovation making companies future-ready – they know exactly their purpose and make their contribution to society.

I speak for small and medium-sized customers as well as international corporations. They come from all sectors and from many countries.

Each of my keynote lectures is unique.

I perform at a variety of events: e.g. as a

  • Presenter and speaker at the exclusive customer brand gala for Sonepar (I also work as a trainer and consultant for Sonepar)
  • Speaker at the Swiss Post sales event
  • Speaker on the marketing day of the MBW Marketing and Sales Promotion Company for Agricultural and Forest Products from Baden-Württemberg
  • Speaker at the brand partner conference of Shell
  • Speaker at the Fediyma International Hardware and DIY Congress in Disneyland
  • Dinner speaker during the annual meeting of the AMK Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche
  • Speaker at the international 20th anniversary of the network marketing system Forever Living Products (I also work as a trainer and coach for Forever Living Products)
  • Speaker and moderator on the best-of-the-best meeting of Horbach Wirtschaftsberatung (I also work as a trainer and consultant for Horbach) in Mallorca
  • Speaker at the board member meeting of the Nord-Ostdeutsche Sparkassenakademie
  • Speaker at the Construction Forum of Voestalpine Stahl
  • Speaker at the international Ukrainian Marketing Day in Kiew
  • Speaker at the industry forum of Bauerfeind (I also work for Bauerfeind as a trainer and consultant)
  • Speaker at the trade forum of the Chamber of Commerce IHK Koblenz.

That’s what I stand for: as a speaker to be as steadfast and as profound as being entertaining. I am sound, narrative and humorous. I work for startups in artificial intelligence and social media as well as for corporations in traditional industries. All my customers are driven by one thing: they want to make the company future-ready and their success plannable. As a contribution to that, I provide first-hand information at the interface between their world and my business. All this enriches and stimulates, and it promotes a fruitful discussion – on the day of my presentation and especially afterwards. In order for this to be guaranteed, I take a clear position, polarize constructively and deliver the content that your successful participants can immediately use for themselves (and therefore also for you). I do it integratively and pick everyone up in their reality.

While delivering, I make sure, on the one hand, that the CEO of a medium-sized company gets as many new perspectives on his thoughts and actions as the Group Marketing & Media Communication Director of a listed company. On the other hand, my top presentation at your top event must also offer real added value for junior and non-junior participants. Most important: as much relevance as possible for each. Everybody has the right to be provided with at least three takeaways from the event! These to be the profound motivation to think differently, act new and – above all – get started. He also has the right to a good portion of entertainment. (With this, it’s so much easier …)

In my keynote lecture – by the expert for experts – buzzwords like “Disruption” and “New Work”, “Digitization” and “Agility” get their recognizable face. And the audience gets a tangible idea of how they get from talking to doing. So that it no longer has to be called “Have a drink every time someone says ‘disruption’”.

You can recognize the professional speaker by the facts that he

  • is available for you in person before placing an order
  • necessarily wants a detailed preliminary talk with you
  • is visible in your profession and your market and has studied your information before the preliminary discussion
  • develops together with you the theme and the title of the speech
  • makes suggestions for focal points and content
  • discusses with you to what extent – for further anchoring – follow-up training and coaching are useful
  • looks at your industry and your target audience before you start, offline as well as online
  • for the event is on site in time and knows your team
  • works together with the agency and the moderator to ensure that his performance is of one piece
  • if permitted, listens to the other speeches before his performance
  • constructively polarizes during his performance and incites discussion and counter-speech
  • goes into the contributions of previous speakers
  • speaks not to, but with the audience at eye level and therefore gets down from stage
  • makes them laugh (here, the lasting joy is more important than the short-lived fun)
  • is smart and spontaneous and “live dazzlingly working”
  • is close to the audience and, if possible and desired, there for opinions and questions after his speech
  • for further employment, offers the appropriate book that is as profound as it is easy to read (and even authored by himself).

Aside from that, the top speaker will be a top speaker if you consider him to be – book him, book him over and over again, become a fan and recommend him. The brand of the top speaker is always what others tell about him behind his back …

Keynote Topic “#todayfortomorrow”:

For Leadership in Transformation – Makes Future-ready

Strange development: In recent years, everyone has been talking about “digital”, “disruption”, “transformation” … This is right in line with the trend! But very few people are serious about it. Most of the time, the basis for all this is missing – the Purpose of the company, as an essential part of the brand. Only those who know what they are fighting for really tackle change. Then they make their contribution to making the company really fit for the future.

Keynote Topic “Bestseller You / Personal Branding“:

For Enthusiastic and Inspiring People

The strongest brand is the human being. Without him, the most beautiful headquarters and the greatest shop is boring and dead. This is just as true for employees as it is for the self-employed. Personal Branding finally turns “the staff” and “the human capital” back into those who need everyone nowadays: really strong cutting-edge personalities – personal brands with their exquisite marketing!

Keynote Topic “Success Factor Attention”:

For Lively New Work and More Profit for All

In the age of social media, everyone wants to be noticed. But hardly anyone listens to their employees and customers anymore, although this is the prerequisite for being an irresistible brand: Those who first give attention and then get it have the strongest currency in the world at their disposal. And those who use it profitably for everyone are finally doing meaningful state-of-the-art marketing.

Keynote Topic “Rockstar Selling”:

For Vigorous Selling, Without Roar and Discount

Everyone wants to sell more easily, give less discount and make more turnover and profit. The irresistible appeal of the company as well as that of the employees is the best way to achieve this. It makes business easier and turns customers into fans who like to recommend what they love. Therefore, true fans are much more important than all the “influencers” (that comes long before the many videos in social media, SEO for Google and the organic reach in online marketing).


  • Navigator in the transformation
  • Leading specialist in profiling, getting attention and sales success
  • Moves you forward

Peter Janssen

CEO, MTD Europe / WOLF-Garten

“350 sales colleagues from 16 countries at our Summersales Meeting in Hungary: Jon Christoph Berndt explains complex issues in such a way that our international audience is captivated. All that in English. When he speaks, you listen. Terrific!“


Sabine Kappel

Teamlead Business Operations, Pfizer Pharma

“350 sales colleagues from 16 countries at our Summersales Meeting in Hungary: Jon Christoph Berndt explains complex issues in such a way that our international audience is captivated. All that in English. When he speaks, you listen. Terrific!“


Jürgen Seidel

President, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Tourism Association

“Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania plays in the premier league of travel destinations. Jon Christoph Berndt conjured up common ground, built bridges and brought enormous momentum to our tourism convention with amusement, intelligence and profound knowledge. We are very grateful to him for this.”


Almost as moving as experiencing me live: My Showreel


Which keynote topics are you interested in? Please write to me briefly. I will then get in touch with you and we will talk about how I will move you and your participants.


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